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Seasonal demand


In practice, demand sometimes exhibits seasonal ups and downs with spikes in demand at certain busy hours, days or weeks. It would be misleading to just ignore those spikes and assume that the demand during the spikes is drawn from the same statistical function as the rest of the demand. In those cases, the analysed timeframe has to be sliced up into equal time intervals and every interval has to be taken as the basis for a separate calculation.

These lecture notes were taken during 2013 installment of the MOOC “An Introduction to Operations Management” taught by Prof. Dr. Christian Terwiesch of the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania at

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  1. […] and to then manipulate the number of employees until a certain average waiting time is met. When seasonal demand (seasonality) is to be observed, the calculation has to be redone for every time slice of the day, […]

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